"Our firm represents a global client base with the purchase & sale of business jet aircraft. The legal issues with such transactions are complex and challenging for our clients. Diego Garrigues always provides the best legal advice and writes the best contract, the foundation for a deal's success. As a result, the Buyer & Seller can quickly understand their obligations to each other. Diego's ability to work with special conditions impresses me the most. And, of course, every aircraft deal is different and will require a new legal point of view."

CEO | Amiet Aviation Company

"We had a complex transaction involving two aircrafts across multiple countries and with tight time-lines. Diego was able to advise us on the risks and best structures, along with working with the counterparties, to successfully execute and accomplish this."

US Corporation

"As a first-time buyer I was shocked to find the complexity and amount of people involved in the acquisition of an aircraft. Brokers, operators, insurers, engineers, corporate service providers, tax advisors, and of course lawyers. Diego went beyond what one would expect from a lawyer. He not only drafted and/or negotiated the endless documentation involved but he also project managed the whole transaction for me, liaising with everyone involved and making sure the transaction was always moving forward. He is always available and most efficient. Highly recommend Diego Garrigues as your aviation lawyer."

Daniel Shamoon | Aircraft Owner

"Diego has been extremely agile and professional in handling our matters. He first advised us on an acquisition in a portfolio of aircrafts and later negotiated a complex restructuring along with a gainful exit for us. His ability to completely own up the client's cause and then utilise his experience to extract maximum value for the client, makes him unique. We have stuck to Diego for over a decade irrespective of whichever firm he was part of. Our trust in him remains undiminished for future."

Avishek Roy | Director, Private Family Office

"We have relied on Diego for all our aviation legal requirements for the last seven years. He has successfully advised us on all aspects in the acquisition and financing of a Global 5000 and on the sale of a Challenger 604, as well and on the purchase and sale of Challenger 605. He has also advised on management contracts with two operators. He always thinks strategically to serve our best interests. His charm combined with steely determination is an effective combination."

Mark Cliff | Family Office

"Diego is not only a great professional but takes care of your transaction with a global commercial perspective. He is one of the few lawyers in the industry combining strong legal expertise and commercial negotiation skills. This is extremely critical."

Francois Gautier | CEO and Founder, Blueberry Aviation

"We have worked closely with Diego Garrigues on several complex international aircraft transactions, involving multiple parties, financings, Governments, difficult closings... Diego was in some cases Comlux Transaction’s counsel and in others, representing the other party. But in all cases, Diego’s professional skills proved instrumental to the conclusion of our deals. Being a specialist of aviation transactions, he always proposes pragmatic, legally sound and acceptable solutions, always keeping in mind the ultimate goal of both parties: the closing of the transaction. His intimate knowledge of all the steps leading to the closing (PPIs, financial, tax, customs, relation with aviation authorities, escrow mechanisms...) are extremely precious in all transactions, whomever he is acting for. We recommend working with Diego Garrigues without hesitation."

Christophe Pelet | EVP Contracts & Legal, Comlux Management AG

"As fleet manager and representative for the Planair group and other operating companies we manage, I have worked with Diego Garrigues on numerous occasions over the past 10 years. What we particularly appreciated, in addition to his real legal competences, is his in-depth understanding of our constraints as an aircraft operator-owner. And this is not common with his colleagues with whom we had worked previously. In our business, this understanding is essential."

Albert-Frederic Bloem | Aircraft Fleet Manager

"If Carlsberg did Aviation Law, they’d probably have the best Aviation Law Firm in the world!” Fortunately for us they don’t however, Diego Garrigues at DG Aviation Law does and in my view, he’s probably the best Aviation Lawyer in the world!"

David J Lewis | Managing Director, BAS SARL

"As Accountable Manager at Sundair (German A320 operator), it is with pleasure that I recommend the legal services of Mr. Diego Garrigues to any potential client. Since 2017 we have worked together on aircraft leases from various operators and from different types of leasing companies, as well as on aircraft and engine purchases.Some deals went through, others we had to cancel. In any circumstance Diego was fully focused on our interests, while highly respecting the other party. His ability to translate and simplify legal language to an engineer is amazing and he deserves utmost respect for his expertise.Besides his extraordinary knowledge of the legal profession, what I really admire is Diego’s ability to see things from my perspective and act like he is a part of the company. In this way, he is able to insist on what is important, but also compromise in order to help the client to achieve his goal."

Branimir Vukovic | Accountable Manager, Sundair

"As a leading worldwide operator of large business jets, we are in business with aircraft owners and charter clients from all over the world. In spite of each having a different background and specific requirements, we strive to bring the best personalized solution to our customers. Having worked with Diego on many different projects, he always managed to bring the parties together while protecting the principal’s interest. This is the result of his extensive experience, great sense of relevance and his clarity of vision of the full context. It is our pleasure to continue working with Diego and we look forward for many more opportunities."

Ch. Weber | Managing Director, Privajet Limited

"Professional, efficient, first class individual. Diego has been our go-to partner for all aviation matters for the better part of a decade. Highly recommend his services."

Alexander Gotsopoulos | Corporate, Aircraft Owner

"I first used Diego Garrigues' services during the purchase of my 2nd TBM900 five years ago when he worked for another firm. The transaction was complex as we had to not only purchase a new aircraft, but also sell the previous aircraft, and then set up an entirely new operating structure. Diego advised and supported a great number of activities ranging from income tax advice, VAT, lending, aircraft operations and of course negotiating on both the buy and sell side. For this reason, I tracked down Diego this year to advise on the purchase of a new TBM940 and learned he had set up on his DG Aviation Law. We quickly came to common sense and fair charging mechanism for the work which required reviewing the various issues from the previous transaction but also working through the new regime with the UK CAA after Brexit. There were some delays for a variety of small reasons, but Diego completed all parts of the legal work on-time, on-quality and in-full within the engagement agreement. I would recommend Diego to anyone considering purchasing, refinancing, owning or operating an expensive aircraft and happy to take any questions. Sincerely,"

William Ravenna | Raventa and Anodyne Ltd.